Mission Statement




To  inspire and empower individuals to increase their levels of wellness, happiness, peace and prosperity by providing  a wholistic healing, therapeutic and educational service to assist and support them to:

·         heal 

·         enhance their self awareness and self discovery

·         increase their consciousness

·         be responsible for their choices

 ·         uncover and grow their intuitive self healing abilities

·         empower their ability to co-create a life of abundance, joy and love.

I will:

·         Provide strategic, concise information that meet their needs and respects their path

·         Provide a safe and clear environment to foster growth, healing, confidentiality and participation

·         Teach and use safe and simple techniques to enhance their flow of energy and knowledge, and which can be easily integrated into their lives; constantly enhancing their own ability to self heal.

·         Provide caring and compassionate, intuitive, spiritual healing, readings and coaching.

·         Constantly channel the Grace of God

·         Serving by example – walking my talk.

I am a healer with over 20 years experience and offer sessions in:
Muscle Therapy
Energy Balancing
Tarot and Psychic Readings
Counselling & Coaching
Courses and Workshops
For an appointment please phone:
0413 289 752