Massage & Muscle Therapy

Muscle Therapy is a whole person approach to improving and maintaining health, using safe, simple techniques to assist people to heal and grow.
Preventative care is emphasised to enable the body to restore a natural balance of physical, chemical, organic and emotional health.  The techniques used are simple enough to have fast effective results, while its complexities easily meet the needs of the individual. 
Balancing and restoring the flow of body energies is important in Muscle Therapy.  Blockages can be caused by lack of exercise, poor muscle function and emotional upsets.
Repattening and strengthening our muscles enhances our own ability to repatten our lives.  Muscle Therapy is an alternative system which allows you to expand your knowledge of yourself, to extend strength and flexilbity, change old habits and integrate new potential.
I use a combination and eastern and western pricnciples and developments incluiding:  deep tissue, cross fibre massage, biokenesiology, acupressure, bodywork and integrative movement.

Muscle Therapy is used to:

Enhance health and wellbeing
Ease Aches and Pains
Relax and Rejuvinate
Increase Strength and Flexibility
Improve Circulation
Advance Memory and Learning
Reduce Stress
Correct Sporting Injuries


For an appointment please phone:
0413 289 752
 Please allow 1 hour for a session ($80.00)

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